In Precoro user can create a Bill from the Purchase order with its automatic matching. Precoro will show the deviation between the Bill and the PO. Also if this deviation would exceed the Tolerance rate, the changes will be sent for approval to the Purchase Order initiator and then through the Purchase Order approval process.

In order to create a Bill from the Purchase order, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the left side menu and press Bill > Create;
  2. Select the Supplier for creating a new Bill
  3. Choose the Purchase Order. You can create a multiple Bills for one Purchase Order.
  4. Make changes in the Bill if it's needed: here you can change the prices and quantity, add new items or delete/reject some items.
  5. Once all changes are done press Confirm button. 
  6. Precoro will calculate on this step the deviation between a Purchase Order and Bill. The changes should be approved from a Purchase Order initiator if the Bill to PO % is greater than the allowed Tolerance rate.
  7. The Purchase Order initiator gets the email notification about required approval changes. Goes to Precoro and approves the changes (or rejects/rework).
  8. The same process is for the Purchase Order approvers.
  9. The Bill approval process starts when the Purchase Order approval process ends.