In Precoro user can create a Bill from the Purchase order with its automatic matching. Precoro will show the deviation between the Bill and the PO in % and in money equivalent. Also if this deviation would exceed tolerance rate that was set up previously for each supplier, the Bill will be sent for the approval.

In order to create a Bill from the Purchase order, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the left side menu and press Bill > Create;
  2. Select supplier for creating a new bil
  3. Choose the purchase order from the list of orders that were sent before to this supplier.
    In Precoro you can create several Bills from one Purchase order but you cannot create one bill for different Purchase orders.  
  4. Make changes in the bill if it's needed: here you can change the price of the items in the Bill, adjust the number of goods ordered, replace items or delete.

       5. If you have additional products or services in the Bill that wasn't ordered use the  "Replace".


  • You've ordered coffee and sugar
  • The Supplier does not offer a free delivery service and so You received a Bill that contains additional service
  • When creating a Bill in Precoro you need to type in all the information from the paper or electronic Bill
  • In this case, we've recommended you to replace one product for the 2 items, the product, and additional service.

Once all changes are done press Confirm button. 

In the created account you will be able to see the difference between the Bill and the Purchase order in % and in money equivalent. 

For example, in the screenshot provided above you can see that the deviation between the Bill and the Purchase Order is 17,54%, meanwhile, the Tolerance Rate for this supplier is 10%.

As soon as the Bill is approved user with Payment role will be able to mark the payment details for this Bill.