Precoro recognizes your available budget amounts and only allows you to create Purchase Orders and Invoices if there is room in your budget.

This is a form of budget protection made to restrict renegade spending and identify resources available for future purchases. 

The available budget sum is calculated in the following way: 

Available sum = Budget sum - the sum of the Purchase Orders that do not have Invoices created - Sum of the Invoices created manually (without Purchase Orders) - the sum of the Invoices created from a PO - the sum of Purchase Orders available for further Invoice creation.

For example: 

The budget amount is 5,000 USD. Invoices for 500 USD created from Purchase orders, Invoices created manually equates to a sum of 250 USD, and Invoices created from POs equate to 1,750 USD. Additionally, we have 1 Purchase Order for a total sum of 1,000 USD but only one Invoice was created for it with a value of 550 USD, although the PO sum for this Invoice was 500 USD. 

In this example, the budget sum will be:

5,000 - 500-250-1,750-550-500 = 1,450 USD