You can import suppliers list in a Bulk. 

To have this opportunity, please contact our support team by the email with the request to activate this feature for your account.  

Once it is active our support representative would contact you with the confirmation.

In order to import suppliers in a bulk please follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the left side menu and choose Suppliers Management > Manage Suppliers.

2. Press Import Suppliers button.  

3. Download the template for Supplier import 

4. Fill out the file template considering following tips: 

  • one file should contain no more than 500 suppliers; 
  • all fields marked with the * must be filled out; 
  • terms of payment: put 0 to mark suppliers with the prepayment terms and put 1 for post-payment terms. If the supplier has post payment terms, put the number of payment delay days in a Payment delay column;
  • CRN number should be unique for each supplier;
  • tolerance rate: put 0 to disable tolerance rate for supplier and put 1 to enable it. If TR is enabled put the tolerance rate amount in the column Tolerance Rate (%);
  • PO automatic sending: put 0 if you don't want to send PO automatically to supplier and 1 for automatic sending.

5. As soon as the file is filled out please save all the changes and download the file to Precoro by pressing Submit button.