Request for proposals is an official document that is sent to suppliers in order to find out the price of a specific goods in a certain amount. This document can be used for unplanned purchases that have no suppliers. It allows to find the most profitable proposal out of all received proposals and create a Purchase order out of it. 

Request for Proposals in Precoro allows to solve following problems: 

  • manual process of price comparison in MS Excel or via email; 
  • inequitable supplier choice; 
  • lack of suppliers proposal history that allows to track dynamic of pricing changes;
  • paper routine while preparing a request for proposals;
  • long term  paper approval process.


How do Precoro clients use Request for Proposal

The company has no specialised supplier for a certain type of goods. In order to find the best price, purchasing manager creates Request for proposals from scratch or from Purchase requests, with comments or attached documents if needed. RFP is sent suppliers via email. Suppliers receive an invitation email with a web-link, via which they can submit their proposals. Once all proposals are received and decision is made, purchasing manager can create a Purchase Order out of this request.