Stock transfer tracks in Precoro the movement of goods from one or several warehouses to locations.
As a rule, the stock transfer is created by the user with a role of Receive request or Receive request approver (if available).  To create a stock transfer, please follow the steps below: 

1. Navigate to the left-side menu and choose Inventory> Create Stock transfer.

The sticker number on the Create Stock transfer button shows how many Recieve requests you have to complete the stock transfers. 


2. On the next page, please choose a Recieve request to complete the stock transfer. 

3. On the stock transfer page, you can see the table for managing stock transfer operation.

In the Requested column is the number of goods that was requested by location. 

In the Receiving/Waiting column, you can see the number of goods that will be delivered to the location soon. 

The Left amounts column shows the leftovers on each warehouse, associated with the location that has requested the goods. 

Under the Left Amount field please fill in the amount of each good, that should be transferred. 

Please note that you cannot fill in the number of goods to receive more than was requested by location. 

4. Once all changes are done, press Create button.