In order to choose winners in the request for proposals, please, follow the next steps:

1. Open your email with a notification of the submitted proposal by the supplier, or go to the Requests for Proposals page.

2. You can select more than one supplier in the Request for Proposal or even approve a supplier for each product in the order. This will help you choose only the best deals and save money. 

3. Suppliers whose products you have approved will be notified of your decision.

If you have approved all available products, the request for proposal status will be automatically changed to Completed.

Also, if you have approved a part of the products, but the suppliers ’proposals did not suit you for the rest, then you can complete the Request for Proposals by yourself with the help of the Complete button. The status of the request for proposals will be changed to Completed, and the statuses of unapproved products will be changed to No Proposals.

4. You are ready for creating a purchase order from the purchase request. Just go to the Purchase Order page and click PO from requisitions.