To track the status of a Purchase Order, follow these steps:

1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase Order

2. Choose the respective Purchase Order.

3. Review the where? and what of your Purchase Order status. For example:

Open status means that the Purchase Order was created but you can still edit it and add items.

Pending status means that your Purchase Order is under review by the responsible authorizing user;

Approved status means that your Purchase Order has been approved by the responsible authorizing user;

Sent status means that your Purchase Order has been sent to the supplier and you now await delivery;

In Revision status means that the initiator or approver has revised the Purchase Order.

Pending confirmation status means that the Invoice created from the PO had some changes and you need to accept such changes in the Purchase Order.

If the document type is "Pending confirmation" it means that the Invoice for this PO has had some changes, so you need to approve or not approve the changes.

Items status is - "product has been changed" and where the items are shown in the document you can see the difference:

Rejected status means that your Purchase Order was not approved by one of the approvers in the approval flow and will not be purchased.

Stopped status means that the Blanket PO creation has been stopped.

Canceled status means that the initiator canceled the PO.
Partly received/received means that you have received your Purchase Order or created a partial receipt (not for all items);

Paid/Not Paid means that this Purchase Order is paid/or not paid;

Complete status means that your Purchase Order has been purchased and has been delivered and purchased so no one can edit it;

4. Moreover, you can filter your purchase orders by status.

Also, you're able to track items status:

Here you can see the status of each item which is in most cases the same as the status as the document.

Statuses of the items in the Purchase Order:

Approved means that the document was approved, and items will be bought.

Pending means that the document is opened or waiting for approval.

Rejected means that Purchase Order was rejected and the items won't be bought.

Product has been changed means that the Invoice to this PO has some changes, so you need to review the changes and approve or not approve all the changes are reflected in the items information - prices/quantity/total amount).

Also, you can track invoices and receipts for this PO on the PO page.