To track the status of a Purchase Order, follow these steps:

1. Go to the left-side menu and open the Purchase Order module.

2. You can track the POs' statuses directly from the Purchase Order module page. Each of them has status on the left side collected under the column "Status."

3. You can filter your purchase orders by status. 

4. You can also open some specific PO to check the statuses in it.

Review the list of statuses by which you can check the order's progress:

Draft status means that the Purchase Order was created but not submitted yet. The initiator can still edit it and add/modify the items.

Pending status means that your Purchase Order is waiting for approval from the responsible authorizing user.

Approved status means that the responsible authorizing user has approved your Purchase Order. You can also track if your order has been sent to the supplier and opened on their end. You can do it by the status near the Supplier's section in the PO:

Not Sent - the order is not sent from the system.

- Sent - the order is sent from the system.

- Message Received - the supplier opened the email about the order.

In Revision status means that the initiator or approver has revised the Purchase Order to make the edits.

Matching status means that the Invoice created for the PO has some discrepancies, and the PO initiator needs to review these changes and approve them in the PO first. Only after the differences are approved in PO you can proceed with the Invoice. 

Rejected status means that your Purchase Order was not approved by one of the approvers in the approval flow and will not be purchased.

Stopped status appears only for the Blanket Purchase Order and means that it is not active anymore. 

Canceled status means that the initiator canceled the PO.
Partly received/received means that you have received your Purchase Order or created a partial receipt (not for all items);

Paid/Not Paid means that this Purchase Order is paid/or not paid;

Completed status means that your Purchase Order has been purchased, fully delivered, and paid. No one can proceed with it.

5. Also, you can track the related invoices and receipts and their statuses for this PO on its page.