In order to automatically calculate all the taxes that you have, follow the steps:


  1. Navigate to the left-side of the menu and choose Configuration > Basic Settings > Misc Tab.  Tick the Taxes box. Once done, press Update.
  2. Once the configuration is done, a new tab called Taxes will appear:
  3. In this tab you can create and set up all your taxes by pressing the Add Tax button.

    There is no limit on how many Taxes can be created, therefore go ahead and add as many as you require.

  4. It's also possible to add/edit taxes on Purchase Order and invoice creation page. 
  5. Edit items tax rates if you’re ordering items with different tax rates.

To set up a new tax rate for a product, first delete an old tax rate and then add a new one.


Keep in mind that:

- when you’re creating an invoice from PO, the tax rates will be copied from the Purchase Order

- if you’re setting up new a tax rate in the invoice, all tax rates will be copied from the invoice to the Purchase Order during matching.