To automatically calculate your taxes in Precoro, you should activate the Taxes feature by executing these steps:

  1. Navigate to the left-side menu and choose Configuration -> Basic Settings -> MISC tab.
  2. Tick the Taxes box. Once done, press Update.
    3. Once the Taxes feature is enabled, a new tab called "Taxes" will appear on the Configuration page:

  3. In this tab, you need to add all the taxes you will use in the purchasing process by pressing the Add Tax button. There is no limit to how many taxes can be added. 

  4. Please note, you will be able to use only the taxes added to the tax list on the Taxes page
    You can add the tax to the whole Purchase Order or Invoice by selecting the necessary option from the dropdown:
    1) On the PO/Invoice creation page:

    2) On the draft PO page:

    Or you can add the taxes to each item line in the PO/Invoice:

    You can have different tax rates for each Line Item if needed.


Keep in mind that:

- when you’re creating an invoice from a PO, the tax rates will be copied from the Purchase Order;

- if you’re setting up a new tax rate in the invoice, all tax rates will be copied from the invoice to the Purchase Order during Matching.