Inventory management software enables businesses with large volumes of physical products to keep track of those products through various stages along the supply chain. 

Why use Inventory with the Procurement in Precoro:

  • in-process inventory - you can get the insights about how many goods are in the work-in-process
  • manage the employees goods receiving requests - creating request, approval and movement from the store to the employee or another store
  • simple stock balance management without accountant - receive items, use it in a daily work process, create periodically stocktaking

How to set up the Inventory process?

1. Define the process and the responsible employees. There are two ways to use Precoro Inventory - tracking stock balance or management of the employees goods receiving requests.

Procurement manager and the Warehouse manager or Storekeeper are responsible for the tracking stock balance.

In some cases the Procurement manager and the Warehouse manager is a one employee.

2. Turn on Receive, Inventory and Receive Requests, if needed, in the Configurations.

3. Turn on the roles for the employees in the User management. Receive, Warehouse manager is for the Warehouse manager or Storekeeper. Purchase order is for the Procurement manager. Receive Request is for the employees.

If you want to approve all the Receive Requests you should add the role Receive Request approve for the Warehouse manager or Procurement manager, depends on your needs.

4. Than add your Warehouse in the Configurations. If this page is unavailable check the second step.

The Warehouse should have the available locations. Only in this case after the Receive will be created the Warehouse balance will be updated and  the Stock transfer will be available to create.

Set the type of the Warehouse "All"

5. If you need to transfer items in a bulk from the main Warehouse to the smaller Warehouse - add some Warehouses with type "Receive Requests" and set up the available locations for it.

Type of the warehouses:

Receive - means that the warehouse is available only for adding balance from the Receive

Receive Request - means that the items transferred by the Receive Requests can be added to the balance for the Warehouse with type Receive Request.

The workflow of how it can works you can find on these schema.

List of the articles you can share with the Procurement manager, Warehouse manager and the employees:

1. How to create and track Receive Requests.

2. How to create Transfer.

3. How to manage the Warehouse.

4. How to create Receive.