Inventory by Precoro is a  management and tracking software system that provides your entire organization real-time visibility into inventory availability while they are ordering, reducing redundant and wasteful spend.  Knowing when to restock certain items, what amount of goods to purchase or produce and what price to pay makes the process easier. 

Using Inventory in Precoro one can solve following problems: 

  • track and manage the leftovers in each stock;
  • plan deliveries depending on the stock capacity and purchasing needs;
  • define what warehouse should deliver goods for each location. 

How do our clients use Inventory in Precoro?

The client creates a list of company warehouses in Precoro. Once the goods are delivered they are marked in Receive as received automatically in the certain warehouse.
Precoro shows goods delivery by creating a receive request. If company's process requires Receive Request approval, the last approver than should create a stock transfer document. This would track in Precoro goods were moved from a warehouse to the location. Goods can be moved from several warehouses to one location or from one warehouse to several locations depending on the company's stock process. 

Using Inventory users can manage company leftovers, update them in a bulk and download stock balance. 

Precoro saves Stock Updating history so that you could check inventory process on each warehouse.