Inventory Management software enables businesses to keep track of their stock balance.
Precoro enables your employees to select products directly from company stock.

Below is a schema of the process you can create in Precoro:

A schema with the process of tracking Warehouses and Inventory
To set up the Inventory process, you should:

1. Define which employees to involve;
- who can request products from the warehouse
- who is responsible for transferring goods and tracking the stock balance
- who will purchase the products if the stock balance is not enough

2. Then enable these software modules in Precoro:
- Warehouse requisition
- Inventory
- Purchase Requisition

3. Set up the required roles for the users:
- Warehouse Request
- Warehouse Manager

- Receipts

- Purchase Requisition

- Purchase Order

4. Add a list of your warehouses
- Navigate to the Configuration--> Inventory 

- Press Add Warehouse 

- Fill out the fields, choose the available locations, and type

Please note, Available locations for the warehouse restrict access to the warehouse.

Every user will have access to the Warehouses according to their available locations.

For example:

- Warehouse A enabled for Locations A and B 

- Warehouse B enabled for Locations B and D

If you have access to Location A, you will have access to Warehouse A.

If you have access to Location B, you will have access to Warehouse A and B.

If you have access to Location D, you will have access to Warehouse B.

5. Send the manuals to your employees.

  1. How to create and track Warehouse Requests
  2. How to create a Transfer
  3. How to create a Purchase Requisition from the Warehouse Request
  4. How to manage the Warehouse
  5. How to create a Receipt