The Suppliers Portal is the Precoro platform connection for Suppliers.

The Suppliers Portal is a free tool for suppliers which helps to organize Purchase Orders, Requests for Proposals, and send Invoices to clients via Precoro.

To find out how to connect your Suppliers to the Suppliers' Portal, please, refer to this article.

Precoro Suppliers Portal includes such activity options as:

  • receiving POs from customers
  • sending Invoices for received Orders
  • direct communication with customers 
  • document attachments 
  • participating in the RFP processes


The Supplier Portal's profile and dashboards are similar to the Precoro clients' accounts. In addition, the left side menu contains access icons to Purchase Orders, Invoices, Request for Proposals, and Supplier Settings. 

The Suppliers Portal looks like this:

Suppliers Portal

1. Purchase Orders in the Supplier Portal

A Purchase Order will appear within the Suppliers Portal once a Buyer submits it.

PO Actions that are available for a supplier: 

  • download a PDF/ XLSX version
  • download the attached documents
  • send a comment to the Buyer
  • create an Invoice

2. Invoices in the Suppliers Portal

All the Invoices created by the Supplier can be stored here.
All the Invoices go through the PO matching process. Invoices will be sent for approval to the PO initiator in two situations:

  • if the Invoice differs from PO by items, e.g., the Supplier wants to sell some items that the client didn't order
  • if the total amount of the Invoice is greater than the PO sum and higher than the Tolerance rate specified for the Supplier

You can communicate with the client directly using the comment section.

Besides, the Supplier can receive feedback regarding the Invoices from the statuses and emails:

  • If an Invoice requires approval from the client, then the status will state "Matching" or "Pending" displayed in orange color
  • If the client does not accept the Invoice, then the status will be "Rejected" or "Canceled" - shown in vinous color
  • If the Invoice requires action from the Supplier, then the status will be "Draft" - shown in light green color
  • If the Invoice is accepted and will be paid, then the status will be "Approved" - shown in green color
  • If the client proceeds with the payment, the status will be changed to "Partly paid" or "Paid" - displayed in blue.

If the client makes any changes, the Supplier will receive an email notification.

3. Request for Proposals in the Suppliers Portal 

The suppliers can receive, reject, and submit the Clients' Requests for Proposals and exchange documents/attachments.

Note: If the Supplier rejects all items in the Proposal, the document's status will be changed to 'Rejected.'

the 4. Disable/Enable Supplier's Portal (from the client's side)

You can also disable the Supplier's portal if needed. This will delete all the documents that have "Draft" status.

In case you need to Activate the Portal for the Supplier again - click on the corresponding switch button:

You can disable and enable Suppliers' Portal