Suppliers Portal provides an access to Precoro for suppliers allowing them to see purchase orders addressed to the supplier and create invoices for them as well as getting requests for proposals from customers and managing suppliers catalog. 


Supplier portal profile and dashboards are very similar to the structure of Precoro clients’ account. 

The left side menu contains access icons to Purchase Orders, Bills, Request for Proposals and Catalog management. 

This is how Suppliers Portal looks like:

1. Purchase Orders in Supplier Portal


By navigating to the Purchase orders page supplier can review all Purchase orders that were formed by Precoro users and create an invoice for these PO. 

 2. Bills in Suppliers Portal

In the Bill section supplier can see all the Bills that were created for PO's and see their statuses: whether the Bill is approved/rejected/sent or paid by the client. This allows to get the analytics for bills as well as to download bills document individually for each case. 

3. Request for Proposals in Suppliers Portal 

In the RFP section supplier can receive Proposal for the client and choose proposals to participate. 

The supplier can submit the response to the proposal on this page and it will be sent immediately to the client. 


Also, the user can see the statuses of each RFP, whether it was approved/completed or cancelled by the client.

It makes easier to manage the history of proposals and make further statistics for it. 

4.  Catalog in Suppliers Portal

The Catalog of goods is used to update Client on the new items and price changes, so the Client has the uptime data and there is no need to clarify this information by email/phone.