Inventory is a new Precoro functionality that allows you to track accounting of leftovers and calculate accounting leftovers in Precoro. This process completes the process of Receive Request and Receive creation and is amended by the Delivery of Goods process.

Inventory process description:

  1. The user creates Receive from the Purchase Order. In the RR he shows what goods were already received and what were not yet. After Receive confirmation and approval (if needed) the goods are automatically set up to the warehouse balance. 
  2. If the user of a certain location needs to get the goods from the warehouse he should create a Receive Request out of the catalog. On the creation stage, the user can see the goods leftovers of each warehouse. After getting the RR approve the person responsible for Stock transfers creates a Stock transfer document, showing that the goods were transferred from the location A to location B. 
  3.  You can always control the availability of goods in stocks and locations, goods movement and consumption dynamic. 

 In this way, inventory completes the P2P process and considers additional capability - tracking the process of goods movement between warehouses and locations.