After sending the Purchase order to the supplier, the supplier has to send you a Bill created for this PO. The sum of the Bill might be different from the sum of the order. 

To make the Bill approval process more transparent and easier you may configure the Tolerance rate. This functionality allows you to approve only those Bills that contains some changes and required to be approved.

If the Tolerance rate is set, all the Bills that under the tolerance threshold will be automatically approved and passed to the payment stage.

The case when the Supplier has the tolerance rate of 10%.

It means that the Bill will require approval if the Bill greater than the Purchase order more than 10%.

In this case the initiator of the Purchase order will get an approval notification.

To approve the Bill follow next steps:

1. Navigate to the left side menu and choose Purchase order option. Choose the infocard  'Awaits approval Bills' and choose one PO. 

2. On the Purchase order you can see the button "Approve the Bill#___", click on it. 

3. Here we have three options - Approve, Reject and Rework. In the Bill info, we can see that the actual discrepancy in this Bill is 15,38%, but this case allows the discrepancy less than 10%. And so this Bill require an approval.

  • Approve — after approving the Bill will pass to the next approval steps or will be available to pay
  • Reject — after rejecting any changes or payments in this Bill will be unavailable and elements from rejected Bill will be available to add to the next Bill.
  • Rework — this action allows you to send the Bill to the initiator again. Use it when the Bill require some changes from the supplier or contain some errors

After all actions the initiator will get an email with your decision.

If you don't want get the Bill for the appropriate Purchase order - reject this Bill and then cancel the Purchase order.

If you are agree with this Bill and want to pass it to the payment, press Approve.

If you want supplier can make some changes - press Rework.

If you want to get a new Bill - press Reject.