In order to create budgets by location in a bulk, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the left side menu and select Budgets. 
  2. Click Import by locations

     3. On the Import by locations page fill in the budget name in the Name field.

     4. Choose budgets Start and End dates from the calendar drop-down menu.

    5. Click Download to get the template with the list of your locations.

        Open the downloaded file and add the budget sums in the Sum column where needed. 

    6. You can set up a budget limit in a 'Limit' column by putting '1' in a corresponding budget line if budget should be limited and '0' if no limit is needed. 

   7. Once all changes are done, save the file in .xls format. Please get assured that your file does not contain any formulas.

   8. Upload updated file and click Preview to preview or edit budgets before a creation.

  9. On the preview page, you can edit limitation and budget sum by pressing Edit button in the Action column. 

   10. Once all changes are done, click Create