The main stages that must be completed for the sale of reservation services:
- Received a request from the client

- in response to the request, an offer was submitted

- the client chose your offer as the winning one

- the customer created the order and sent it to you

- You have submitted a bill for the service/goods

How does the request come from the client?
Each company-client, in his personal cabinet, has access to the "Request for Proposals" block.

This block allows the user to describe everything he needs from the supplier, select several suppliers from his database and send out his request to the suppliers.

When you receive a request for proposals from a customer through Precoro - this means that the client intends to buy the product/service, and you need to write to the customer how much it can cost and what details are on your side.

First, you receive a letter
follow the link from the letter
enter your proposal
if necessary, attach documents, write a comment
click "Send offer"
The client receives a notification that a new offer has been received from the supplier and can view it.

Attached documents and comments are also visible to the client. The comments can be answered, and you can communicate with the client in the comments even before you confirm the proposal.

When the customer makes the choice of the winning supplier, you will receive a message in the mail with the appropriate solution.

Next, the customer must place an order and send it to your e-mail. Without an order, we advise you not to book anything, because Precoro pays only those supplies/services for which there are orders and bills.

Further, after the order has been sent to you, notification is sent to the post office.

The process of providing an account is described in the documentation here.