Approving Bills in Precoro is ridiculously easy.
How it looks like?

1. You get an email notification that you need to approve a Bill.
2. You can go to bill page from the email. Or go to the Bill page at your account and choose pending bills.
3. This is how a bill looks like when you need to approve it.

Here you can see the buttons:

  • Approve — after approving the Bill will pass to the next step or will be available to pay
  • Reject — after rejecting any changes or payments in this Bill will be unavailable. 
  • Rework — this action allows you to send the Bill to the initiator again. Use it when the Bill require some changes from the supplier or contain some errors

Have some comments? Type please in the form and the initiator will see your comment in the email and on the Bill page.

After all actions the initiator will get an email with your decision.

Elements from rejected Bills are available to add to the next Bill.

If you don't want get the Bill for the appropriate Purchase order - cancel the Purchase order.