In order to send a purchase order to supplier, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Purchase Order page
  2. Choose the required Purchase Order from the list. Also, you can filter purchase order by sending status (in this case, choose not sent purchase orders)
  3. Check the info and click Send to supplier button
  4. The supplier's email must appear automatically (as you previously added it in Supplier Management). If supplier`s email has not previously added, you need add it in this form. Then just click Confirm, and the email with PO will be sent to Supplier.
  5.  Don't forget about each PO with statuses on the PO page: you can track by sent/not sent statuses, and even if supplier received your email!
    *here is an example of e-mail, which your supplier could receive (notice, that you added note for supplier is displayed; your contacts also are added; in attachment you the supplier can find a purchase order (document)