To send the Purchase Order to the supplier manually, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Purchase Order page → Choose the required Purchase Order from the list. Also, you can filter Purchase Orders by sending status (in this case, choose not sent purchase orders)Purchase Orders
  2. Check the info and click the Send to Supplier buttonSend you Order to the supplier via the Send to Supplier button

  3. The Supplier's email must appear automatically (as you previously added in the Supplier Management). If the supplier`s email was not previously added, you need to add it in this form. Then click Confirm and the email with the PO will be sent to the Supplier.

  4.  Don't forget to record Supplier email activity!

Not sent - you forgot to send the Purchase Order

Sent - the Purchase Order is sent but not received

Email is received - the Supplier received your email

*Here is an example of an e-mail your Supplier could receive (notice that the note you added for the Supplier is displayed and your contact details also added; in the attachment, your Supplier can find a Purchase Order (document)

To avoid sending manual Purchase Orders set up the automatic process!

Go to the Supplier Management page and add the contacts of all of your suppliers and turn on the PO Automatic sending toggle.

You may choose a standard file format to be sent to suppliers.

Go to the Purchase Orders tab in your company's settings and choose the desired format: it could be either .pdf-file or .xlsx-spreadsheet.