1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase Order
2. Click PO from Requisitions to create PO from several PRs, that have already been approved.

3. Here you can see, that all requisitions are allocated by suppliers automatically and you can create a PO from 1, 2 or even 100 requests (but in range of one location). Click + on the right in front of the required supplier, for whom you want to create a PO. For example, let's create a PO for First Market LLC (2 purchase requests − 10308, 10303).

5. Select the several requests. It's not necessary to create an order for all requests. Just tick all or only required requests and click Create.

6. Next, update the required date of delivery, review the location of delivery, include the contract with the supplier and the budget (if needed). Click Confirm.

7. You've created a purchase order, but it's still a draft, and you can add products (click Add product button), or delete some (just click red bin for items removing); or edit items info (just click Edit icon) etc. 

Note that the identical items will be consolidated in one. And you'll not be available to edit an amount of products less than approved.

Check the info and click Confirm.

7. Now you are ready to send PO to the supplier.