1. Open the Purchase Order module in the left-side menu and click the PO from Requisitions button. 

2. There, you can see that requisitions are allocated by suppliers automatically, and you can create a PO from 1, 2, or even 100 requests (but specific to one location). Click + on the right in front of the respective supplier for whom you want to create a PO. 

3. Select the items you want to add to the Purchase Order, then click Next step.

4. Fill out the required delivery date, location (where to ship the ordered goods), if needed, include the contract with the supplier, and assign the budget. Then click Create.

5. Check if the products' details are correct while the Purchase Order is in "Draft" status. 
If they require any adjustments, click the "Edit" button on the right side of the item line and modify the necessary fields. 
If there are any items that you don't want to order, you can remove them from the PO using the "Remove" (red bin) button. 
If you need to include any additional products in your order, you can use the Add Product or Add Empty Row buttons. 

Note that any identical items will be consolidated into one and that you will not be able to decrease the number of products because they have already been approved. 

Once ready to proceed, click the Confirm button.

6. As soon as the Purchase Order was submitted, it would be sent for approval to the authorized users. Once the PO is approved, it can be sent to the Supplier.