To create a Request for Proposals from a Purchase Request, please follow these steps. 

1. Navigate to the left side of the menu, click Request for Proposals and click Create from PR button. The sticker number on the Create from PR button shows how many Purchase requests can be included in the RFP. 

2. Choose the location for which you need to create an RFP and click a Plus sign in the Action column.  

3. On the next page, you can preview the items requested and choose which ones should be included in the RFP by checking the box on the left. Once done, click the Create button.

4. Select the currency and the end date of your request for proposals from the dropdown list. Once done click the Create button.

5. On the RFP draft page, you can see the information block and fields for adding comments and notes for the specific RFP. 

In order to add suppliers to your Request For Proposal, you can click the Add Supplier button and choose from the list of suppliers in Precoro. 

Also, you can manually enter new Suppliers' names and emails and they will be informed about this RFP via email. 

6. Click the Add Product button to select products from the existing catalog or Add an empty line to add the desired product manually to your RFP.


7. Once everything is set up, click the Confirm button. After this, an email will be sent to suppliers, listed in your request with the invitation to submit their proposal.

8. You will get an email notification when a supplier submits a proposal. You can keep track of suppliers proposals by clicking on the clock symbol in the Status column.

Product statuses will help you with the following:

- Pending: a supplier for this product has not yet been selected,

- Rejected: the supplier will not be able to deliver this product,

- No proposal: no suppliers will be able to deliver this product,

- Supplier selected - the supplier for this product is selected in another proposal,

- Approved - the supplier for this product has already been selected.

9.  You can select more than one supplier in the request for proposal or even approve a supplier for each product in the order. This will help you choose only the best deals and save money. 

10. Suppliers whose products have been approved will be notified of your decision.

If you have approved all available products, the request for proposal status will be automatically changed to Completed and the supplier will be notified about your decision by email. Now you can create a PO from the requests.

10. Also, if you have approved only some of the products you can complete the request for proposals by yourself using the Complete button. The status of the request for Proposals will be changed to Completed, and the statuses of unapproved products will be changed to No Proposals.