There are three ways to approve a Warehouse Request from:

Preview (incl. Mass approval option)

1. Use your Dashboard / Warehouse Requests screen in Precoro and filter results by the Approve indicator.

2. You could Review details, Approve or Reject a WR without opening it. To do this, click the corresponding button from the Action field.

3. You may approve all/several pending WRs in bulk by ticking the boxes on the left and using the "Approve Selected" button.

Specific WR

To get into the specific WR page, select this WR on the Preview. Here you can:

  • Review details, download available attachments
  • Attach additional documents
  • Edit the WR (the overall document and its items particularly)
  • Send WR for initiator's revision to make some changes
  • Approve/Reject WR

Also, you can add some extra notes to the document by clicking on "Add Note." Notes are printed on a document PDF/XLSX files and usually stand for additional WR details. To communicate with your team internally, use the "Add Comment" field. Use "@" to send your comment to a relevant user or add new followers to your WR.


When there's a Warehouse Request waiting for your approval, you'll also receive an email notification with a PDF/XLSX PO attached at the bottom of the email. You can either Approve or Reject the document directly from your email or follow the "Open the document" link to get straight into the relevant page in Precoro. 

Warehouse Request email waiting for approval

Approve or Reject WR when you are ready with your decision. 

Please note: rejected WR cannot be restored. The Reject action means that proceeding is forbidden.

The date a WR has its final approval appears at the top of the screen as "Approval Date."