As a first step, consider the who, what, when, why, and where questions to help to design your approval workflow:

  • Which documents need to be approved?

  • Which key factors could be changed or considered while approving?

  • Who is responsible for approving and why? and when?

  • Which factors influence assigning approval responsibility to a particular person - location, department, project, and threshold?

Your approval chain should be as efficient as possible - thus, it needs to be simple and clear:

  • Your teammates should understand why certain requests/orders/invoices require approval,

  • Responsible people should know the key factors and how they will be tracked, 

  • There should be no extra steps.  

Approval Process Simplicity & Clarity are critical because: 

  • Approval is a time-consuming process and "time is money." Thus, the longer the process, the more steps you have... the more expensive the purchasing process is;

  • Unclear and extra steps can lead to confusion or create mistakes and deliver unwanted results;

  • Ordering, invoicing and payment depend upon the approval process functioning properly. Thus, business interruptions can occur with inefficient processes. 

Define the variables that will impact your Precoro Approval Workflow: 

You must mark the desired check-box to set up approval based on Departments or Projects:

Once done just follow the next steps and add the approval chain:

  1. Go to the left side of the menu and choose Configuration.

  2. Choose the Approval workflow page and select the document you want to set the approval for. 

  3. Add as many steps and approvers* as you wish but remember to keep it simple and clear. 

* Every approver can have a set of rules: 

  • Approval Threshold of the document;
  • Locations;
  • Departments and Projects or any other Custom Fields;
  • Custom Approval Thresholds per Location or Department/Project

For example, a user can approve all purchases in the Product department and all purchases up to $500 in the HR department. To customize the amount, click on Customize. 

Please note that one user can participate only in one approval step assigned to a certain document. For example, user X can participate only in one step for the Purchase Order approval chain.