In order to set up an approval workflow, please, follow next steps:

  1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Configuration

  2. Choose Approval workflow for Purchase request/Purchase order/Bill/Receive request/Receive

  3. Click Add step button

  4. Choose the step number and insert the name, it could be the name of the position of approver (for instance, the first approval is needed by purchasing manager). Click Create button

  5.  Then click Add new approver button

  6.  Choose the required step and choose the email of the responsible user. By the way, remember, that a required user must have a Purchase request/Purchase order/Bill/Receive request/Receive approval role (you can modify this role on User management page). Then choose the type of approval by the sum. Click Create button

  7.  And the last step: choose an access to locations (all locations access, or some of the available ones). Click Update button.