Managing suppliers in Precoro gives you simple solutions in making the catalog of products, sending and tracking purchase orders and generating reports.

To add suppliers, complete these simple steps:

1. Go to Supplier Management menu

2. Select Manage Supplier

3. Click Add supplier button

4. Add some required info:

- Main tab - add main info;

- Contacts - gives you an ability to send POs to suppliers straight from Precoro and order delivery status in email. You need to add the supplier's manager, that receives POs, specifically his/her email

- Terms of payment - if you also use Receipt and Invoice functional, terms of payment definitely will help. They will not only give you the info regarding payment terms, they will also automatically choose the first action after creating PO: 

  • select Prepayment and after creating the PO you will need to make an Invoice, and finally the Receipt.
  • select Post payment and make Receipt, and then the Invoice.
  • select Mixed payment when the supplier requires a % of prepayment before delivery, and then a % of post-payment if you have a large or expensive order. Precoro will remind you how much is due and when your accountant has to pay.

You can mark a few options for payment terms if the supplier provides it, and then select the option that you need in the PO.

5. Click Create and complete adding supplier.

If you need to edit already existing supplier you should:

1. Go to Supplier Management menu

2. Press "edit" button here:

After you can do any changes you need.