For any business the supplier management process helps to ensure maximum value will be received for the money payed to the suppliers. They play a part in the smooth running of an organization, it's important for both supplier and your business to engage properly and effectively.  

That is exactly what Precoro allows you to do. You can create, edit, and manage your suppliers in one place. 


How to add a new Supplier

Step 1. Provide access to the "Suppliers and Items" module for the appropriate users.

To do that, go to Configuration, open User Management and choose the users, who will be using the module by clicking on the edit action.

To give the access tick the "Suppliers and Items" checkbox, and press Update to save the changes.

Step 2. Create new Supplier in Precoro.


To add a new supplier go to the Suppliers and Items section in the left-side menu. Open the Supplier Management tab and click on Add Supplier button.

Enter the information into the document and click Create to add new supplier. 

How to add payment details and terms to the Supplier


How to create your own terms of payment

Option 1. You can set the Legal Address of the Supplier by adding appropriate data to each field of the Address block:

By entering data this way, the Supplier's address will be displayed on the printed documents and document pages in standard order line by line:

Option 2. If you want the address to be displayed in another order, please, write it down in the required format in the "Legal Address" field and leave other fields (City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country) empty.

Thus, it will be displayed the same way on the printed documents and document pages:

How to deactivate/activate the Supplier

How to add contacts to the Supplier

How to attach files to the Supplier's card

You can add attachments on the supplier creation stage. 

In case the supplier has access to the Suppliers Portal: 

  • the business user will be able to see all of the attached files including those added by the Supplier, but the user will not be able to delete the Supplier's attachments.  
  • the Supplier will be able to see and delete only the attachments they added. The Supplier will not be able to see/ delete attachments added by the business user

Here is a comparison of one supplier's card from the view of two accounts types: