The catalog is your source of prices, GL assignments, and descriptions of products that you purchase.

The managing catalog will help you:

  • fulfill the orders with the right product names and SKU, so your supplier will understand your order exactly;
  • to assign GL accounts/cost centers to items automatically, so your team will no longer worry about GL codes;

In Precoro, you can add products to the catalog in two ways - manually adding one by one or import in bulk.

To add a product manually, you need to click 'Add product' and fulfill all of the fields.

To import products in bulk:

1. Prepare all of the required fields should be assigned to your products - categoriessuppliers, and GL accounts.

2. Press 'Import products' and follow the instructions.

Please note:

  • The minimum required fields: SKU, Name, Price;
  • When filling GL codes, categories or suppliers you have to copy the name from Precoro, so it will match exactly;
  • You can upload a maximum of 500 products per one upload.
  • The currency field is not required to fill in when you import products in bulk. The company's main currency will be applied if this field is empty in a template.