In Precoro, you can create a Purchase Order from a Purchase Request or manually create an original Purchase Order. Note, the Purchase Order can be created only for one supplier.

To create a Purchase Order manually, follow these steps: 

1. Open the Purchase Order module in the left-side menu and click the Create button.

2. Choose the required delivery date, location/shipping address, supplier, and the Purchase Order currency. Once done, please click the Create button.

How to create a Purchase Order

When adding the supplier on the document creation page and when redacting it on the Draft Status, you can either choose the existing Supplier from the drop-down list or create a new one by clicking the Add new supplier button.

3. Click the Add Item button to add items from the catalog to your order. You can use filters such as keywords, suppliers, category, etc. Click the Add button. 

4. If you do not have a catalog of items, use the Add empty row button to insert the details about the item you want to order manually. In this way, you can add the cost of some services and include it to the PO total (as a delivery service or custom rounding).

5. Moreover, you can Add Notes to the purchase order - e.g., some informative details about the delivery time, etc. These details will be displayed in the printed document version and will be visible to the vendor.

6. You also can Add Comments for internal communication among users in your account. Tag the person using "@" and start typing the user's email address. Then, please enter your comment and add it. The tagged person will receive the email notification to their mailbox with your comment and respond to you in the same document. 
The information from the Comments field is not printed on the documents and is visible only for the users of your profile.

7. Add related attachments to your Purchase Orders to check them in terms of one document and easily access them. For that, you have two fields: 

  • Add Internal Attachments – they will be available for the users and sent to approvers along with the PO PDF. These attachments won’t be visible to the vendors. 
  • Add External Attachments – the files you attach in this section will be sent to the vendors along with the PO PDF. They also will be available for the users’ reference. 

Please follow this link to find more detailed information on the Purchase Order attachment management.

You can navigate directly from your Purchase Order to related Invoices / Receipts / Requisitions to find attachments added to the corresponding documents and all other necessary information on the items in the related documents like Items Custom Fields.

When creating a Purchase Order from Purchase Requisitions connected to Request for Proposals, you can see related attachments. 

It is displayed in the following way: go from the Purchase Order directly to the "Show Requests" button to see attachments from the Purchase Requisition. And then you can click on related Request for Proposal to see attachments from the RFP.

8. You can also edit the location/sipping address or supplier on your Purchase Order when the document has "Draft" or "In Revision" status. You can choose the supplier with the same currency as the document you are editing if it's not invoiced yet. 

9. Check the info and click Confirm button. The PO status will be changed to "Pending" in case you have to get approval before sending the PO to the supplier.

At this stage, you can make changes to the PO by hitting the "Revise" button. 

When editing the fields, please consider this article, Field logic behavior after Edit and Revise actions in documents.

Please note: only the creator of the document or one of the approvers can revise the PO.

to make changes in the PO you can hit on Revise button
If you need to download the PDF/XLSX PO version when it's pending approval, ask your admin to activate this functionality in the Basic Settings Purchase Order tab Order Printing Configurations check the box "Download while Purchase Order pending" hit Update.  

You can download the PDF/XLSX PO version while Purchase Order pending

Use the Revision History button to track all the changes by following their Statuses, Creator, and Reviser users.

In Revision History, you can see all the attachment alterations as well.