The purchase order is an official document that can be created only for one supplier. 

In Precoro you can create a purchase order from purchase requests and manually. 

In order to create a purchase order manually, follow next steps: 

1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase order. Click Create button

2. Choose required delivery date, the location and the supplier. Once done, please click Confirm button


3. Click Add product button to add items from the catalog to your order or click Add an empty line button to insert items manually

4. Choose required items. Also, you can use a filter (by keywords, suppliers, category etc.). Click Add button

5. If you do not have a catalog of products use an "Empty line" and just type in what you want to order. This way you can add a cost of some services and include it to the PO sum (as a delivery service or custom rounding)

6. Moreover, you can add notes to the purchase order (for instance, some details about delivery time etc.)

7. Check the info and click Confirm button. In case your account has an approval workflow, wait for approval. Also, you can track statuses.