In order to create your first purchase requisition, please follow the steps below: 


1. Go to the left-side menu and choose Purchase requisition. Click the Create button to make your purchase requisition.

2. Choose a location for the purchase requisition and the required delivery date. Once done, click the Create button.3. The next step will be adding products or services to your purchase requisition. Click the Add product button to add items from the catalog to your order or click the Add empty row button to type in the items manually.

4. Choose the required items. The button Add product opens the company's catalog where you can search by filters. Click the Add button.

5. Moreover, you can add notes to the purchase requisition (for instance, some details about the delivery time, etc.)

6. Check the info and click the Confirm button. In case your account has an approval workflow, wait for the approval decision. 

7. All the actions with Purchase Requisitions could be tracked by statuses.

The Purchase Requisition has 6 statuses:

- open - a user is creating the documents.
- pending - someone is approving it.

- approved -all responsible users approved it.

- complete - all the products were completed at the PO step.

- rejected - someone rejected the document or all the items at the approval stage or PO creation step.

- canceled - someone canceled the whole document after it was approved.

The items in the Purchase Requisition have 4 statuses:

- pending - this status is set until the item moved in PO or rejected.

- ordered - once the PR was transformed into PO and after completed, item in PR receives such status.

- rejected - means that the item or the document was rejected (in this case all the items in the requisition should have the status rejected).

- in RFP - once the item is in RFP it has the status in RFP when the winner is set, the status is changed to pending.