To create a Purchase Requisition, please, follow the steps below: 


1. Open the Purchase Requisition module on the left side menu and click the Create button.

2. Choose a location where your Purchase Requisition should be delivered, the required delivery date and the Document Custom Fields, if any. Once done, click the Create button.

How to create a purchase requisition

3. Then, you need to add items/services to your Purchase Requisition. 
Click the Add empty row button to type in items details manually. 

Click the Add Item button to add items from the Catalog. The button Add Item opens the company's item list, where you can search items using filters. Click the Add button to put the item in your order.

4. You can Add Notes to the Purchase Requisition (e.g., details regarding delivery time, etc.). These details will be displayed in the printed document version.

5. And you also can Add Comments for internal communication among users in your account. Tag the person using "@" and start typing the user's email address. Then, please enter your comment and add it. The tagged person will receive the email notification to their mailbox with your comment and respond to you in the same document. 
The information from the Comments field is not printed on the documents and is visible only for the users of your profile.

6. You can also Add Attachments to your Purchase Requisitions and easily access them in any related Purchase Order.

7. You can access attachments to related documents through the 'Show Purchase Order' button on the Purchase Requisition page.

8. You can also edit the location on your Purchase Requisition when the document is in a Draft or In Revision status. You can choose the location that is accessible to you within your organization. 

9. Check if all the info is correct and click the Confirm button. If your account has an approval workflow, wait for the approval decision. 

10. All the actions with Purchase Requisitions could be tracked by statuses. 

The Purchase Requisition has seven statuses:

  1. Draft: Purchase Request was created but not submitted yet. The initiator is still working on it.
  2. Pending: the document was submitted and is waiting for approval from the authorized user. 
  3. Approved: all responsible users have approved the Purchase Requisition.
  4. Completed: there is a completed Purchase Order/Orders for all requested items, OR PR is manually marked as completed.
  5. Rejected: the document or all items were rejected at the PR approval stage or Purchase Order creation stage.
  6. In Revision: a reviser (either the Purchase Requisition's initiator or approver) is editing the document, adding or removing items.
  7. Canceled: the initiator/approver revoked the whole document after it was approved.