A product bundle is a functionality that allows creating a set of goods in order to buy it as one set regularly.

By setting up Product Bundles you will:

  • reduce the time spent on creating Purchase orders; 
  • reduce the number of mistakes made by calculating the number of items needed for consignment.

It will be useful if you:

  • buy spare parts for manufacturing or other needs; 
  • have a constant set of goods that are ordered for certain events.

How do our clients use Product Bundles: 

There is a company that produces tables. There are some models that are hand-made from scratch and others are produced using spare parts. In such a case client acts in a next way:

  • In Precoro one Product bundle is created for every model of manufactured table (1 table top and 4 table legs);
  • Once there is a sales order for the table a Purchase request is created with the appropriate table product bundle;
  • As a result of purchase order appears the set of products needed for the production of a specific model; 
  • While creating the purchase request there will be requests sorted by suppliers.