An Item bundle is a feature that allows creating a set of goods in order to buy it as one set regularly.


How setting up the Item Bundles will help you

You can utilize this function if you:

  • Purchase spare parts for manufacturing or other needs.
  • Have a constant set of goods that are ordered for certain events.

Using bundles will be useful in case you wish to:

  • Reduce the time spent on creating Purchase orders. 
  • Eliminate any mistakes when calculating the number of items to be purchased.

Creating Item Bundles

1. Activate this option in settings.

Open the Configuration in the left-side menu, go to Basic Settings, and activate the Item Bundles in the Items tab:

2. Create a new Bundle.

1. Open the Suppliers and Items module in the left-side menu and the Item Bundles tab.

2. Click on the Add Bundle button.

3. Enter the Name of the Bundle.

4. Click on the green checkmark to save the new Bundle.

3. Add Items into the Bundle.

1. In the Suppliers and Items module, open the Item Management tab.

2. Choose the items you wish to add to the Bundle.

3. Click on Edit.

4. Add the Item into the Bundle, and save the changes.

Using Bundle Items when creating documents

You can use Bundles when creating:

  • Warehouse Requests

  • Purchase Requisitions

Please note that to add Bundle into the document, you should use Add Item option. The one that allows selecting only Inventory types of items.

Managing and Editing Bundles

In the Item Bundles tab, click on the Edit button to apply changes to the:

  • Name of the Bundle.
  • Default ordered quantity.

The set Default ordered quantity will be automatically applied when adding items to the documents.

Deactivating Bundles

To deactivate the Bundle, uncheck the Active box and press the green checkmark to apply changes:

Removing Items from the Bundle

1. Open the Item Management tab.

2. Choose the Item you wish to remove and open it in editing mode.

3. Uncheck the Bundle and save the changes.