The purchase requisition is a document, generated by department employee to notify about items that must be ordered, their quantity and the timeframe for the order. It may also contain the authorization to proceed with the purchase.
As a rule purchase requisitions must be approved by the heads of departments. As soon as the purchase requisition was approved it is transferred for further purchase process to the department that deals with suppliers. 

Using Purchase Requisitions in Precoro one can solve following problems: 

  • simplify the process of providing employees with the necessary goods and give them a simple tool in which they can note what they need for work (instead of emails, Google tables, chats and paper notes);
  • reduce the number of errors at the procurement stage, because while decrypting requisitions that are written not in a standardized form, there is always a human factor that may cause mistakes;
  • reduce the time for creating purchase orders by generating orders automatically. 

How do our clients use Purchase Requisition:

  • Requisition initiator is a department employee;
  • Each employee creates purchase requisition once there is a need for something;
  • The office manager is responsible for ordering goods and tracking its successful delivery.