Custom Numbering for Documents in Precoro

Does your company use standardized document numbering and wish to replicate it in Precoro? You can set up custom numbers for your documents in Precoro on the Custom Numbering page.

Custom Numbering is available for the following documents:

  • Warehouse Request
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Invoice.


How it works

In the way which suits your company the best, you can customize the document numbering by specifying, for example, the creation date or the supplier it was sent to.

Below are the items custom numbering can contain:

  • custom text (e.g., your company abbreviation);
  • document creation date (e.g., in MMYYYY format);
  • department/project name or code, or any other Documents Custom Field of the drop-down list type;
  • location name or code;
  • supplier's unique code;
  • symbol (e.g., "-" or "/");
  • sequential number.

How it looks

  • In Precoro:

  • In downloaded PDF/XLSX documents:

  • In Emails sent to Suppliers:

  • In the Internal Emails:

Our custom numbering PO/001/472/09/22/22202212 consists of:

  • PO - custom text,
  • 001 - department code,
  • 472 - location unique code,
  • 09/22/22 - creation date,
  • 202212 - sequential number,
  • where "/" is used as a separator.

How to Set Up the Custom Numbering

To set up a custom number for your documents, go to the Configuration page and click on the Custom Numbering tab.

Follow these steps:

1. Choose a document type from the list.

2. Select a format from the drop-down list that will suit your needs the best. 

    • Text-Date-Number
    • Text-Number
    • Date-Number

You can see an explanation and an example of the custom number for each format on the right.

3. Click the Next Step button after choosing the suitable format.

4. Now you can configure the rules for your custom number. First, add a custom text, if you have chosen a format that consists of the text. 

Then, select a date format based on your needs. It will affect the resetting options if you choose any.

Click on the Edit button next to the number on the right, add the number of digits, and the next number you want your custom numbering to start with. 

For example, if you are planning on having less than 1000 documents and wish to start from 1, then you should enter "001" into this field.

5. Choose the resetting mode you would like to have or leave it on the Without Reset option. 

If you have chosen a date format that consists of the year only, then "January 1st every year" will be available for you.

In the case of a date format that includes the month, you will be able to choose the "1st of each month" option to reset the numbering every month.

8. Click on the Setup button to finish the configuration.

Please note that custom numbering will affect only new documents created after the setup.

If you can not find a suitable custom numbering format among available ones, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support Team, and we will be glad to help you.


1. Can the numbering be reset?

Yes! You can set up resetting 

  • on January 1st every year;
  • on the 1st of each month;
  • once you reach a particular number of documents.

In this case, you need to choose a preferable date format, resetting mode, and the maximum number of symbols in the custom number.


  • if on December 31st, 2021, you reach the number PO211234, on January 1st, 2022, the number will start like PO220001;
  • the following document number after PO09999 will look like PO10000 since the maximum of 9999 was reached.

Please share the situation with your Customer Success Manager or Support Team, and we will be glad to help you. 

2. Will the numbering of the documents created before be changed as well?

No, the custom numbering feature will be enabled only for your future documents. All of your old records will maintain the initial standard numbering.

3. Can the numbering be the same for the Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order, for example?

No, each document type has a unique numbering.

4. Can we have a different sequential numbering for various projects, locations, and legal entities?

No, we don't have this possibility, but we recommend you discuss the case with your Customer Success Manager. 

5. I can not find a suitable custom numbering format among the available ones. What should I do?

Usually, we enable it from the backend side, and it could take up to 2 weeks; therefore, we recommend alerting our Team as early as possible.