Company Balance


You can conveniently track the number of users and services you currently utilize, download invoices, or add more users on the ConfigurationsCompany Balance page.

How to Buy More Users

You can enter the number of users you need and get a total one-year cost calculated for you.

Then, read our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, and if you agree, check the corresponding I agree to box.

Only after agreeing with the terms and policies will you be able to proceed with payment. You can use the integrated 2Checkout or Paysera payment methods or Download an Invoice and pay using the requisites provided in the document.

You can find more information on our pricing plans on this page, and with any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Representatives for help.

How to Track the Number of Current Users

On the Company Balance page, you can see current companies and the number of Users there: