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Export Attachments in Bulk Function

Use the Export Attachments in Bulk functionality to save time and effectively receive all the users' uploaded data from documents.


How to Set and Use This Functionality

This function is available to all users with both Configuration and Super User Roles:

Open the Configuration and click on the Export Attachments tab.

Monosnap Configuration 2023-10-09 11-20-44
To start the export process, first, you need to create a Request:

In the request, you need to specify:

  • The date starting point in the Starting From field and select a necessary Period that includes 3,6,9,12 months options from the entered starting date.
  • Document type in the Download attachments from field.

You can download attachments for one document type at a time.

Once the files are ready, click the Download button in the Action column to get the needed information.

You can track the request readiness in the Status column, and when the archive is ready, you will also receive an email notification to the inbox of the archive requestor.

Please note the archive will be kept for three days for you to download.

If you have not downloaded the archive in three days, it will be deleted, so you will need to create a new request again to get those files.

You can only create a new request after downloading or deleting the previously created archive.

In case several different users make simultaneous requests, the request will be queued up and processed in turn.